Cultivating an Immersive Experience

When we consider a great evening out our thoughts turn to the various elements that come together like magic to create an immersive experience that feels customized to a guest’s unique preferences and desires. From the moment you step into a well-appointed cocktail bar or restaurant, you feel welcome, like an insider. What follows is a series of wins: your drink is refreshing, the food – immaculate, and the service is just as you like it. The room is well-lit while retaining an intimate feeling. The music is on-point; just loud enough to appreciate but never inhibiting the terrific conversation unfolding as the night goes on. As the evening draws to a close, you can’t help but smile, thinking how much you love it when everything comes together perfectly, and how much you want to enjoy more nights like this. When executed properly, meticulous orchestration by a group of dedicated staff can appear effortless. Indeed, the best experiences involve thoughtful consideration, skillful execution, and a deep commitment to hospitality. 

At Syndicate, we love when everything comes together and we realize it involves a mix of art and science. It’s possible to cultivate a unique experience that can be replicated with consistency, as we have demonstrated across a diverse range of client briefs. Here are some of the elements we consider in developing immersive experiences. 

Client Focus

In conducting our work, we ascribe to the practice of human-centered design, which involves empathizing with the end user to properly understand their needs and desires. This involves observing and interacting with prospective guests to understand what they’re looking for in an experience, analyzing the data, then testing and validating initial concepts. While this might sound theoretical at first, it effectively boils down to a love of the client and the service you wish to provide to them. When working with Urbane Culinary, we quickly recognized their needs extended beyond a simple website and worked with them to build a brand identity rooted in their extensive history, ultimately designing, testing and executing a new user experience that was simpler and better aligned with their business. In working collaboratively with Urbane, we were able to understand the gaps in their existing offering and present them with a comprehensive suite of solutions, each of which contributed to a simpler articulation of their value proposition and its link to their client’s needs.


Mapping the customer experience involves considering all touch points between the guest and our client’s product or service. A clear understanding of the customer journey allows us to identify opportunities to surprise and delight guests.

Mapping the Experience

As we mentioned, great experiences are crafted with care; they do not occur by accident. In order to ensure a great experience from start to finish, we work with our clients to develop an experience map, carefully articulating all touch points between their guest and the product or service they are providing. From the moment someone walks into their establishment or makes contact with the client’s brand, we ensure the experience is positive and reflective of their unique offering. Simple elements such as menu creation are considered with care to ensure guest expectations are exceeded in a way that surprises and delights them. Our commitment to excellence extends to all sensory elements, as we consider sound, light, touch, feel and scent in the design of spaces, products, and services to ensure a truly immersive experience guests will never forget. 

Applying a Critical Lens

Once an initial concept has been developed it must be tested to ensure it will deliver promised outcomes. An idea is only as good as its execution, which is why we consider a wide variety of challenges that can emerge, adjusting the concept in the process to ensure it remains flexible and resilient. In practical terms, this can involve modifying interior layouts upon observing the way guests naturally rearrange the seating to make it more comfortable. It can also involve refining a menu to expand upon a theme that’s resonating with guests, or changing the lighting or music to suit different moods as the evening unfolds. Whatever the element, applying a critical lens allows us to refine the concept to its essence to deliver a custom experience that will distinguish our clients from their competitors. Indeed, our relentless focus on improving product and service offerings is what distinguishes Syndicate from others in this space and allows us to do what we love: build unique experiences in collaboration with clients who share our desire to elevate the experience of hospitality.


No detail is too simple for thoughtful consideration. At Park MGM in Las Vegas above, the choice of fixtures and materials contributes to the overall look and feel of the space, contributing to the overall guest experience.

God & the Devil are in the Details

Crafting an immersive experience involves a delicate balance between opposing forces. It boils down to a simple concept: both God and the Devil are in the details. The phrase ‘God is in the details’ describes the importance of seemingly minor decisions, such as the texture of furnishings or graphic design elements of printed materials, in creating a lasting positive impression on guests. The devil makes his presence known in the execution of these decisions, insisting on meticulous attention to detail in order to bring the client’s vision to life. Any new endeavor requires a pragmatic approach in order to balance the competing demands of cost, schedule, and ambition, but at Syndicate we are thrilled by this challenge, working in tandem with our clients to make the hard choices necessary to achieve a concept that is both inspiring and sustainable from a business perspective.

At Syndicate our driving force is elevating the quality and execution of hospitality experiences for our clients. We seek partners who share our commitment to excellence, working collaboratively to bring their unique vision to life. Let’s build something incredible together.