Ideas fade. Experiences sustain.

We are a strategy-driven, hospitality-oriented concept and design firm.

We empower businesses and individuals to create unforgettable customer experiences through the conceptualization, design, and optimization of bespoke hospitality experiences.


From ground-up retail hospitality design to revamping brands over a century old, the Syndicate team has successfully managed over 300 diverse projects across a broad range of sectors, geographies, and industries.


Our work has brought us in touch with individuals and businesses from 17 different countries across four continents, informing our perspective and contributing to our open and integrated approach.


Our agency is founded on ten years of inspired work across a diverse range of projects, industries and clients. We’ve spent a decade learning, growing, and evolving to deliver cutting edge experiences. And we’re just getting started.


Syndicate sets itself apart through its unique approach to concept design and creative problem-solving. Encompassing a broad range of disciplines, Syndicate weaves together innovative concepts, thoughtful design, and proven systems to create provocative and standout projects.

Experience Focused


Life happens in moments. If you’re not actively managing your customer experience, brand, or business model you are putting the long-term success of your company at risk. People’s lives, stories, and memories are shaped by strong, distinctive multi-sensory experiences.

We care deeply about these experiences and their potential to unlock new opportunities for growth and engagement. Syndicate prides itself on its ability to craft immersive experiences for customers that are unique, inviting and memorable. With every new project, we seek to create a sustained emotional connection that will translate into long-term relationships and enable our clients to realize their vision while retaining the flexibility necessary to grow and adjust as necessary.

Boundary Pushing


We pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations by challenging ourselves to continue learning and establishing new watermarks for excellence. Ground-breaking ventures don’t simply stand out, they reverberate with a distinct identity that attracts people like a moth to a brilliant flame. At Syndicate walks the fine line between classic, consistent planning, and development, paired with new-fangled, modern technology and design.

With a deep understanding of design and building trends, we work with our clients to launch leading-edge projects that capture customer imagination and set new precedents in their sectors. While some are content to follow the status quo, we love breaking barriers and existing paradigms with energy and excitement.

Masterfully Planned


From the particular shade of color in a logo to the choice of flatware in a dining room, every design decision receives our full attention. The projects we develop are organized, planned, and crafted to function well and achieve a specific purpose while retaining the flexibility required in a dynamic and changing world. Details matter, plain and simple.

We work with clients to deliver final concepts that are truly realized. No matter what stage or state we begin with, we chart a clear path forward through to completion. A polished end product is the only option.

Designed with Soul


An idea is more than just a notion or concept. It has life. It has purpose. It has meaning. We breathe energy and direction into emerging concepts and imbue each project we develop with intention, spirit, and most of all: love.

No matter the project size, we maintain a personal commitment to ensuring we leave nothing on the table when it comes to our work. We create, design, and optimize with heart and soul.


Growth is never by chance. It is the result of a continuous, concentrated effort to move forward with singular purpose and direction.

2 0 0 9

Syndicate launches as a solo operation: a media and website agency focused on supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

2 0 1 2

First employees are brought on board to support a growing client roster and expand services to branding and graphic design.

2 0 1 4

The agency grows to include a comprehensive selection of digital marketing services including application development and advanced analytics.

2 0 1 5

Syndicate launches its first consumer-facing experience is launched in Calgary, a black box cooking competition, featuring six leading restaurants.

2 0 1 6

Construction begins on Syndicate’s first, firm-owned retail hospitality project: a European-inspired craft cocktail bar named Shelter.

2 0 1 7

Shelter launches, marking Syndicate’s first end-to-end project, from branding to management.

2 0 2 0

Syndicate’s second in-house concept, Orchard, a Modern Mediterranean restaurant concept is launched during the peak of the pandemic.

2 0 2 2

In the wake of the pandemic, Syndicate conceives and unleashes their largest project to date, Fortuna’s Row, a 10,000 sq.ft contemporary Latin American Supper Club.

Achieving Greatness

Awards & Accolades


Our Leadership Team

Our team possess a strong depth of experience in hospitality, as well related and functional skills that improve our quality of delivery.

Nick Suche, CEO

With over 10 years of multidisciplinary experience, Nick is responsible for account management and creative direction. His experience in hospitality and design experience provides unrivaled insight into the successful development and execution of distinct, memorable projects.