Orchard Selected as Location for Fundraising Dinner for Canada's Bocuse d’Or Contestant

Orchard Selected as Location for Fundraising Dinner for Canada's Bocuse d’Or Contestant
We are very excited to announce the Orchard Restaurant has been selected as the location of choice for Fundraising Dinner for Canada's Bocuse d’Or Competition.

In the world of gastronomy, there exists an event that can be likened to the Olympics for chefs—the Bocuse d’Or. This prestigious culinary competition brings together the finest chefs from across the globe to engage in what is widely regarded as the most prestigious and demanding culinary competition on Earth. Every two years, 24 of the world's top culinary talents gather to vie for the highest distinction in a chef's career. For Canada, participation in this culinary showcase has been a tradition since its inception, with notable chefs like Jamie Kennedy leading the way.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that Chef Keith Pears, Executive Chef of the W Hotels, has been selected to lead our national culinary team at the Bocuse d’Or—a true testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication to the craft.

The Culinary Lineup

To celebrate this remarkable achievement and support Chef Keith Pears on his journey to France, Orchard Restaurant is hosting a special fundraising dinner. This exceptional evening will not only feature exquisite cuisine but also showcase the culinary talents of renowned guest chefs:
  • Chef Alvin Leung - Hailing from the three Michelin star restaurant, Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, Chef Alvin Leung will bring his innovative and globally-inspired culinary expertise to the event.
  • Chef Keith Pears - Our distinguished guest of honour, Chef Keith Pears, has made a name for himself as the Executive Chef of the W Hotels, and we are honoured to have him leading our national culinary team.
  • Chef Elia Herrera - Known for her impressive presence on Top Chef Canada, Chef Elia Herrera will add her unique touch to the evening's culinary delights.
  • Chef Jenny Kang - Last but not least, Orchard's very own Chef Jenny Kang will showcase her culinary prowess alongside these culinary luminaries.
This fundraising dinner promises to be an extraordinary culinary experience, where the flavours of diverse culinary backgrounds converge in a symphony of taste and creativity. Your attendance at this exclusive event not only guarantees a memorable dining experience but also contributes to Chef Keith Pears' journey to represent Canada on the global culinary stage.

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