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Grunge meets luxury


When it comes down to it, the concept behind Shelter was an intimate hideaway, a place to seek refuge from the outside world. The result was just that, a Shelter, replete with the style and taste of Eastern Europe paired with the opulence and luxury of an upscale hotel bar.


The location houses a cozy standing environment and a relaxed lounge for group seating and light dinner fare. There are several standout design pieces, including an artfully decorated wall of gas masks, and a beautifully crafted light fixture featuring over 5,000 individually hung bulbs.


Through innovative fixturing, Shelter became a unique Calgary hotspot, drawing close to double the previous tenant’s guest count, increasing room bookings and overnight stays at the neighbouring Hotel Arts, cementing itself as a destination for private events, special date nights, and cocktail education.


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Guests share...

"I absolutely love this place! I have been to Shelter on a few occasions now and have been blown away every time. The cocktail menu here is beyond impressive. Our bartender was super informative and obviously passionate about her craft. We tried a few of the items off of the food menu and everything was incredible. The atmosphere here is so surreal. Such a great place for dates!"

— Google Review

"This bar can be tricky to find, we walked past it probably 3-4 times during our weekend and it took me standing there for a minute to see, but once you go inside, it's worth the second guessing and double takes. The decor is spectacular, slightly spooky, slightly fascinating, and definitely a conversation piece. The cocktails range from elegant and light to strong and boozy. It would be incredibly difficult to find something not to like. I would definitely come back again and again when I visit."

— Google Review

"I'm a jaded person in general, even more so when it comes to cocktails. There's something about here that vibes with me - not just me, though, everyone that I bring here remarks similarly. The staff are killing it, and to boot, the bartenders are on point when it comes to recommendations - a rarity these days. There's no other place at which I would rather spend the impending apocalypse."

— Google Review

Experience Shelter

Drop into the intimate hideaway that's only visible from the street by light of the gas mask.

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